The Audition Process

The new season of GCYT is soon to be upon us! With the announcement of the upcoming year’s shows, performers begin to think about what the audition process will be like and what the expectations will be. GCYT is a community theater where young learners are given the opportunity to experience many different types of roles within a production in preparation for their future roles in a more competitive theater environment. It is very important that our performers’ parents show their positive support for every type of role their children experience. GCYT performers are all very talented and deserve the opportunity to experience all levels of roles, as all the roles within a production are important to a successful show performance.

Here is some insight into our audition process:

• The auditions are designed to be non-threatening. Each performer is asked to sing, dance and read a scene from the audition packet.

• They will have the choice of singing alone for a possible solo part or in a group for an ensemble role.

• Please help your children come prepared for the audition. They should rehearse the songs, scenes and dance routines that were taught during the workshop. The dance routines will be sent to each family via a private YouTube channel from the choreographer.

• Although it is not mandatory, performers should memorize their songs and lines and be comfortable with them. They may use the audition packet for reference as needed.

• Cast selections are done by an Audition Committee made up of 2 GCYT board members who do not have children in that particular cast, the Director, the Choreographer and the Stage Manager.

Our goal is for each performer to have an enjoyable learning experience! Parental attitude can have a big impact on the performer’s attitude. Providing positive support for any given role becomes very important to the overall attitude of the cast. We ask parents to please support their children in whatever roles they are chosen for and to support the Mission of GCYT.