Our Theater

Our theatre is located in the auditorium of the Gananda Middle School. It features a 30 foot wide by 27 foot deep stage with wings space. There are 3 sections in the audience (left, center, right) located on 1 floor and the seats are cushioned for comfort. The total capacity is 500 people with 138 on the left side, 237 in the center and 125 on the right side. The auditorium features theatrical lighting instruments controlled by a digital programmable board, a spot light, a digital sound board and sound system with wireless microphones used by the performers. Our special effects include bubble machines, strobe lights, black lights, spinning colored light, fans, and a moving head light with gobo. We work with local and regional theatre companies for additional purchases and rentals to enhance your theatre experience such as confetti machines and fiber optic star light curtains.




Gananda Middle School Auditorium
1500 Dayspring Ridge
Walworth, New York 14568