1. Is there a chance that my child will get into GCYT’s program if he/she didn’t do the program last year?

Yes, the best thing to do is email gcytinc@gmail.com and ask to be placed on the waiting list. As soon as you receive an open registration email, follow the directions to register your child. We usually have room for new members every year, however it is not guaranteed.

2. Is GCYT open to kids outside of Gananda?

Yes! “The mission of GCYT is to introduce live theatre to children of our community and surrounding communities.”

3. How does the registration process work?

Registrations are emailed in August/September to the previous year’s members. After a week, registrations are sent to families on our mailing list. If there are spots open, we will open registration up to the public via our website and Facebook.

4. Does GCYT send registration flyers to the school to go home with the kids?

No. GCYT is not a school activity, but a private non-profit group.

5. Once my child’s registration is accepted, will he/she definitely be a part of the production?

Yes. Every child who receives an email confirming registration will have a part in the play. The auditions are only for selecting the children’s parts.

6. Do board members get paid for their work?

No. All board members are strictly volunteers and spend many hours involved in and improving our program.

7. Why don’t you use the high school stage for performances?

We can’t use the high school stage because the high school drama club is in production at the same time, and has their sets occupying the stage. We also feel the smaller environment of the middle school is less threatening to the children.

8. How can my child benefit from doing GCYT’s program?

The theatre experience can boost a child’s self esteem and confidence. It also prepares them to be better public speakers. Even better, it gives them a chance to be a part of a team of players working toward one goal, and having fun while they are doing it.

9. Why don’t you add more casts to allow more children into the program?

There are limited weekends that are available at the school to hold performances during the time frame that we need. We have to work around holidays, school testing, and school activities.

10. Will I need to volunteer for any committees?

GCYT runs on the support of parent volunteers at both the board and committee levels. Our theater group is able to keep membership prices lower than surrounding area theater groups because we are composed of parent volunteers who are dedicated and work to provide our children with an amazing theater experience. Therefore, volunteering is mandatory. This is a great opportunity for a parent to be a part of an activity with their child and support a non-profit community group and source of entertainment at the same time!

11. Do I need to provide my child’s costumes?

In most cases we will ask parents to provide some items for their child’s costumes. These items are normally shoes and other items which you may have at home. If there is something particular and hard to find, GCYT usually provides it. If you ever have a problem providing anything, bring it to the attention of the costume committee and they will help you find the item needed.

12. Are rehearsals open to the parents?

No. Over the years, we have found it to be distracting and intimidating for the kids to have parents present during the rehearsals. We do, however, allow parents to watch the last 15 minutes of regular rehearsals. Parents are not allowed to stay during the dress rehearsal evenings or auditions.

13. Will all children have an equal opportunity to audition?

Yes. GCYT is a community theater where young learners are given the opportunity to experience many different types of roles within a production in preparation for their future roles in a more competitive theater environment. GCYT performers are all very talented and deserve the opportunity to experience all levels of roles, as all the roles within a production are important to a successful show performance.