Volunteer Information and Applications

Parent Volunteer Sign-Ups

Each Committee within GCYT works together to create an amazing season for our kids. Parents can fill out the form below to indicate where they would prefer to be assigned for volunteering, and will be contacted by the board member in charge of that Committee for information on meetings.

Costuming - Help to find, purchase, or create costumes (sewing skills are NOT required), perform actor fittings/adjustments, help backstage before, during and after dress rehearsals and performances. This committee may meet Saturdays during the season, as needed, and works independently on project assignments. When possible, meetings may be joined virtually.

** Costume Cast Lead: One person from the costume committee that will take the lead for each show (Cast C or B/A); this role will be the primary coordinator for the costume brainstorming, planning, and coordinating who is completing which tasks; this includes tracking costume changes/fixes during tech week. This position meets with the costume committee and also works independently on tasks.

Sets - Painting and building sets for both shows. Each set usually takes a week to two to come together. We need volunteers that can come in the evening Monday to Friday between 6.30 and 8.30. Don't feel like you have to Bob Ross to be volunteer!

Guest Experience - Volunteers on this committee help out mostly on the days of the show helping wherever needed. Tasks include selling flowers and concessions on show days, selling tickets and directing to seats prior to shows, cleaning the auditorium after the shows. If we are able to have a cast party, these volunteers will assist with that. Volunteers commit to working at least 4 of the 6 shows - you can choose your child's show plus 2 others, or the 4 shows your child is not in.

Photography -A volunteer on the photo committee is responsible for coming to regular rehearsals and 2 tech rehearsals. The volunteer will take photos, edit them for quality and share them with Yelena Keeney through email or Google to be used in an end of season slide show.

Publicity - Contacting local businesses and individuals for both donation and advertising opportunities, advertising the show itself through posters, social media and more. Most meetings and work can be done digitally.

GCYT Student Stage Manager

GCYT is looking for a dependable young adult interested in working with children in 1st through 8th grades. We expect a responsible and focused person to work with our director, choreographer, stage manager, board members, and parent volunteers to manage students during rehearsals, dress rehearsals and performances, as well as helping small groups of students with dances, spacing and blocking. This is a PAID position. If interested, please fill out this form and either e-mail to gcytinc@gmail.com or mail it to GCYT PO Box 555, Walworth NY 14568

Student Volunteer Info

Thank you for your interest in wanting to help GCYT this season! Due to the large number of young people who want to volunteer to help during rehearsals and shows, GCYT is now asking for interested teen volunteers to fill out the form below and send it to gcytinc@gmail.com or drop it off at a rehearsal.

Volunteers will have specific responsibilities during rehearsals and performances.